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The number of women who suffer from Candida infection rises each year. According to the latest data, about 70 percent of all adult women experienced candida infection in their lifetime. What candida actually is? Why and how does it cause infection?
Candida infection or yeasts infection is a common fungal disease caused by Candida albicans. Candida is a saprophytic unicellular microorganism that is permanent inhabitant of the healthy person’s skin. Candida albicans also exists in the mouth cavity, intestine, respiratory and urogenital system in small amounts. It is known nearly 80 forms of Candida, however only 10 of them can cause yeast infection.
The disease usually occurs in women whose immune system is weak, who experienced hormonal disturbances or changes in normal vagina acidity. In this case biological balance of microorganisms is disturbed and favorable conditions for multiplying the fungi occur. When that happens, Candida multiplies and infection may appear. Pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, use of broad-spectrum antibiotics or corticosteroid medicines can also increases the risk of genital candidiasis.

Usually infection is caused by the womens own Candida albicans. But sometimes yeast infection can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Candida symptoms are different. However, women usually complain about the white and cottage cheese-like vaginal discharges with an unpleasant sourish smell. Discharges may also be liquid, pasty and occasionally with a greenish tint. Itching, irritation and burning of the vagina and vulva are frequent candida symptoms that are aggravated after the long walk or during menses. Women may also suffer from painful urination or sexual intercourse. In many cases the infection lasts for a long time with the periods of exacerbation and improvements. Candida symptoms may have similar manifestations to other urogenital infections , for example, bacterial vaginosis.

Usually your doctor cannot make an exact diagnosis of Candida infection with a physical examination or just looking through your medical history. Yeast infection can be diagnosed only through Candida testing. Your health care provider should make a genital swab from the affected area.

The treatment of the Candida infection include 3 types of medicines:
1.Oral antimycotic medication
2.Antifungal medicines that are applied on the affected area.
3.Medicines used vaginally.

The most affective and safe medications are antimycotic drugs known “azoles” These are: Fluconazole(Mycosyst, Diflucan), Econazole(Gyno-Paveryl), Clotriamazole, Buconazole, Miconazole, Tioconazole and others. These medicines usually help in 80-90%. However, the successful treatment depends on many reasons : immune system condition, severity of illness or concomitant diseases. Women infected with HIV always receive very long anti fungal treatment and often the treatment proves to be absolutely useless.

Why antifungal medications in the treatment of candida infection do not always help? There are several reasons:
The dosage that is prescribed is too small or the treatment period is unjustifiably short.
The disease is caused by mixed infection(caused by different microorganisms).
Non-systematic or self-treatment.

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Soya Beans Good For Health But Not For Sexual Health

Soya beans are the rich source of the proteins that are noted to be very good for the health. But, as the latest conducted research, Soya beans are noted to affect the sexual health of the person adversely. The study concluded that the men who lot of Soya beans are noted to less sperm count than that of normal person, whereas women with high intake of the Soya beans are noted to face the problem in conceiving. This study are has put the light on the adverse impact of the Soya beans on the health. Generally we thought of Soya bean as a very healthy diet, but after reading this study even now I am worried whether to eat Soya bean or not.

The study included the men who have the habit of eating the Soya bean on daily basis. The overall health check up of these guys was conducted. It was noted during this study that these men contained very less amounts of the sperms than the normal sperm count. From about 612 men participated in the study, about 500 showed the scarcity of mature sperms. These people were then asked to cut down the intake of the Soya completely for about 6 months. After this time duration again these people carried out the overall health check ups. This time it was noted that many of the men who were lacking the sperm count before 6 months were now having the adequate sperm count. This cleared the fact that Soya beans were somewhere directly or indirectly responsible for the scarcity in sperm count.

To check the impact of the Soya beans on the women’s fertility a study was conducted. In this study about 438 women participated who were eating the Soya beans on daily basis. The overall health check up of the women was being done. It was after this it was noted that many of these women were facing the problem in conceiving the child. These women were asked to give up the Soya bean intake completely for about 6 months. The overall health check up of these women was carried out through after this time period. It was noted that there was an improvement in there ovulation cycle and many of the women were able to conceive. So these two studies conducted proved that Soya beans affect the fertility in men as well as women.

From all these studies we can conclude that Soya Beans are not good for the sexual health. This is because the amounts of the heat produced by the Soya beans destroy the sperms in the body. As the result the mature sperms are being destroyed that leads to the infertility issue in the men. Whereas in women the problems in pregnancy are noted due to the Soya beans intake as the more amount of the proteins get accumulated in the fallopian tube that ultimately doesn’t allow the sperms to reach the ovule as a result the women face the problem in conceiving.